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Choosing Your Streaming Provider: High Definition Netflix Videos With Low Netflix Cost

Anyone who has used the Internet in the past decade is certainly aware of the Netflix video streaming services, but may not yet be aware of the Netflix cost assessed for them. Netflix, originally a company whose only service was DVD rental, has released several internet streaming options that get rid of the disks altogether.

Streaming Content Without Disks

One of the major benefits to using the Netflix cost effective streaming service is that there are no disks to worry about. That means no waiting for the arrival of a package from a Netflix distribution center somewhere nearby, and no risks of paying extra for accidentally scratching or damaging a disk.

Instead, a huge library of television shows and movies, including Netflix original serials that you would not find on any other network, are available for streaming directly from your internet provider. Netflix offers several types of internet streaming plans that are largely distinguished by the number of screens that are available for each one:

• One screen, SD quality – $7.99 per month: This is the least expensive of the offered Netflix cost options for streaming services.
• Two screens, HD quality – $8.99 per month: This option allows an extra screen to stream simultaneously while increasing the definition to a 720p minimum. This can be enjoyed for only a single extra dollar compared to the cheapest option.
• Four screens, HD quality – $11.99 per month: With a slight increase in price, HD quality content can be enjoyed on four separate devices simultaneously. This is an ideal package for families and homes shared between roommates.


What Kinds Of Devices Are Supported As Screens?

One of the primary benefits of Netflix streaming when compared to other sources of television content is that you can use a wide range of devices to watch your favorite shows and movies. Most television sets are compatible with Netflix streaming, and all computers and laptops are. Additionally, mobile devices can be used to access streamed content, including:

Apple iPhones and iPads running iOS 5 or later.
• Any mobile phone or tablet running Android 4.0 or later.

Essentially, when Netflix offers their premium streaming services and immense library of serials and films on a screen, it really means any screen at all. If the device connects to the Internet and displays images, chances are that you can benefit from top quality Netflix content at low Netflix cost.…

Easy listening

I’ve been horsing through Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, a show in which Herring interviews famous comedians (for the most part) in front of a live audience in a relaxed but informative manner. I have persevered not for Herring himself — he’s a good guy, but he spreads himself a bit thin these days — but because of the calibre of the people involved: Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton; Mark Thomas; Adam Buxton; Stephen Fry; unexpectedly, Mary Beard. I think my favourite has to be John Lloyd (comedy producer extraordinaire, responsible for things like Not the Nine O’Clock News, Blackadder and QI). This surprised me, as I thought Lloyd came off as unbelievably pleased with himself on his episode of Desert Island Discs, but faced with Herring he was far more likeable — admittedly, I liked him best when he annihilated Herring’s glib atheism. Lloyd pulled the rug from under Herring’s feet with a considered defence for polite agnosticism, observing that Herring doesn’t even know how many chemicals there are in a carrot, so how on earth could he make the call on the Almighty? Hurray!…